Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Bounce Back

 This is our movie for the 2020 Manaiakalani Film Festival.

When you are "knocked down" - get up and get going -  Just Bounce Back!

Friday, 2 October 2020

Bounce back from Sadness

I made a bounce back poster and it is about ways to bounce back when you are feeling sad so when you have a bad day you can Bounce back and enjoy your day and you can help someone else 

Here's the link -> Bounce Back Poster  

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Maori Language Week

 We have been learning how to greet in maori, ask what the other person's name is as well as ask how the other person is feeling, including saying goodbye. We used Storyboard to create our cartoon characters.

Monday, 14 September 2020

Change the things you can and accept the things you cannot change


Today we had our Bounce Back programme and we learned that you can change things in your life for the better.  Things that are done are  done and can't be undone. What it means is that if someone says something mean and you start a fight but then after a while you go apologize and that person apologize back then its done and cannot be undone. Do your best to keep trying to solve problems and change things you don't like in your life. Sometimes you can't change a situation because it is not within your control. There is no point in getting upset over what you can't change as it won't make any difference to the situation.  

Friday, 11 September 2020

 Today Mr. Naidoo told us to do our Pepeha and this is mine.
Ko Mt Wellington te māunga      
Ko Tamaki te awa     
Ko Air New Zealand te waka 
Ko Glen Innes school tōku kura    
Ko Cook Island tōku iwi        
Ko Tongan tōku hapū
Ko PIPC church tōku marae
Ko Finau tōku papa
Ko Apii  tōku mama
Ko Samisoni tōku ingoa 

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Who's to Blame?


Today we had Bounce back and Michelle was talking about blaming yourself or other people

or just equally blaming each other. The first task we had to do was to tell Michelle how we felt in lockdown. 

The next task she told a story about a boy that stole his sisters phone without permission,
then she said," He left the phone in his bag in his class and someone stole it". Then 
Michelle gave us another task. The task was to circle the sentence you think is
right for the question.

Before we got into the task Michelle told us to get into groups and disgust what you think 
is best for the question. Before you could even start the task you had to read the story before
you can answer the question but it was not really like a question but the same. 
There were four stories and all of the stories reflect on blaming yourself or others and how big 
was your bad luck.

She told another story after the task the story was about 2 friends that played basketball
and they were in the semi finals but they lost by 1 point, but 1 friend got angry because 
the other players showed up late and didn't play well. But the other friend was happy but
two players came late and their super star was sick.

Don't blame anyone because you might blame the wrong person and the 
person that done it got away. How would you feel? 

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Digital tech


On Monday room 11 had digital technology in the morning, when we got into the hall
there was a man named Matua Tamati and he tough us about digital technology.
The first step was to get into threes I was with Roimata and Joesph.The next step was to pick
someone from your group to get an ipad.

After that we had to build objects like a tree, bird, ice-cream and a house, then he told
us some words like input, process, output, storage, algorithm and csi, csi means clear,
step by step simple and instruction. The next day we got to do some coding,
coding is giving someone or something instructions so they make can it to the other side.
We got to use mbot, mbot is a little robot that you can control with a device.

Some of us done wheelies and some send it back and forward but we only got
a little time to play. On Wednesday we went back to the hall in the second block.
Matua Tamati said," Today we will be playing some games with mbot".  Then we
got into 4,3 and 2's my group was me, Ngapera and Joesph, we got  a ipad and an and
our mbot drifter. Then we had to make a circle and make sure mbot doesn't touch you or

After that we got into a big circle and Matua told us to put our mbots into the middle and who ever gets tagged they have to turn on their lights and spin around and run after other mbots.
After one game we played the last one standing it was easy.

How to play the last one standing?

There would be a tager and other bots, the tager has his or hers lights on and then they spin
after spin they tag other bots and when they get tagged they turn on they lights and help the
tager and then when everyone got tagged and there is one more bot left that bot is the winner.