Friday, 28 September 2018

Flying high for Matariki

Flying high for Matariki

Flying high for Matariki

How did I make my kites: I started of bye building my bamboo stick then I put my cover over my bamboo stick then I taped my cover so it can stick to my bamboo sticks when I was done I decorated my kite with star, feder's, wool and last but not least my tale witch I add string.

Room 12's Volcano

This is the volcano well it doesn't look like volcano but its a volcano the ingredients were water make the bottle full of water next we put in vinegar origle vinegar next dishwashing liquid put some in next food colouring we need the food colour to add a little colour now the finale ingredients baking soda we pore a little inside it will start to erupted in one second and that's it for the volcano.

Red Lion New Game

Junior and I were walking around the jungle and we saw Red Lion coming to play with us. We played who could get meat he would get pig for dinner  because it's his favorite. After that we played fetch. we would use the bones of the pig and we threw it far as we could and then he went and got it and came back.  we let him rest for a while and we went back to play. I got a pistol out of my pocket and I shot it and Red Lion ran and hit it down. I said to him you like that cool game  tight and he rrrroooo!
at me I think that was a yes. I was proud of Red lion but we were all tired. Red lion was happy as a chirping bird.

All Black Seven

Image result for all black sevens win 2018 boy
Congratulation on you awesome game and you are so lucky that you won the rugby sevens world cup you did a really good job on your game. We are super proud that you won it was a huge success from you all even the silver ferns. And I hope you all will have a extremely amazing day.

Red Christmas

Red christmas liked to play some New games like,sticks,Jumping over the hula hoops,Frise bin and ball tag.But when christmas was playing ball tag, some little kids was just next to Rebeca and they were shouting for help because there boat was stuck on the rocks so then christmas came for help.So after when christmas was playing there games he had a treat for helping those little kids and christmas was so happy when he got it.

Con:I liked the way how christmas acts and I was so happy


Carrots are looking greener everyday.

Awesome as my Best friends carrot come alone from school to home.

Rotten potatoes as they crunch to the rescue .

Rabbit love them too.

Oranges is sweet but carrots are not tasty enough.

Tasty but not scary

Seeds around the word like carrots.

Facts About Worms

Worms don’t eat man made things
Worms don’t eat fresh food or fresh veggies.
Worms only eat things that are rotten and soft.
Worms have 5 hearts.
Worms even eat our fingernails.
Worms are slimy and yuky and they even eat a dead body and worms eat our hearts.
Worms live in the ground and everywhere in this earth.
Worms lived in this earth for 120 million years.
Worms make a lot of compost. So that we can grow lots of plants and eat healthy.
Worms have no eyes,legs or arms ears. A worm has a small brain.worm never sleep.
Worms have 2 brains.c