Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Simple Machines - A Manaiakalani Film Festival entry

In Room 12 this year, we explored how simple machines make our tasks easier to perform.  We looked at the 6 different types of simple machines, and experimented with them to see how they work, and how they reduce our work load.  We also had fun riding the machines we made!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The tale of the Kumara

 The Tale of The Kumara

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Once upon a time there lived a old man named Ben. He had some Kumara seeds and a lot of soil. He planted some Kumaras and then he went off to bed. When  he woke up in the morning he saw a massive Kumara. He thought he might pull it out and have a boil up.

So he grabbed the tip of the Kumara and pulled and pulled the Kumara, but it just wouldn’t come out, so he called out for some help to his grandson,“Jimmy  
James” he yelled. So he dashed over as fast a he could and said “This better be a good reason grandpa”. Then his grandad Ben Said, “Can you help me pull out this Kumara?” Then they grunted and heaved as they pulled and pulled until it came out.

So when they got back inside the house grandad Ben cut the Kumara with a big bush knife and they called some other family members so they could have a big dinner. Some family members brought briskits.They all ate most of the briskits and the water cres.They were shocked and they never knew boil up could be so delicious.


Thursday, 18 May 2017

Brain Food Gets Us Achieving

In Room 12 we start of the day with fitness and then come back to class for our daily fruit. We are very lucky that we get a variety of fruit supplied to us by 5 + A Day.  Fitness gets our blood circulating well, and together with brain food ( fruit of the day) we are able to focus on our learning and make good too. We love our fruit and I wonder if schools in other parts of the world have  Fruit in schools programmes too.

Mafi's favourite weather

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Drakequin learns to play Netball

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Our whole class was excited to play netball today. When it was time, we got into our lines and went to the court. There were two coaches and they told us that they were going to teach us for 8 weeks. We learnt how to do the chest pass, the overhead and under roll pass, and the shoulder pass too. We had fun and everyone enjoyed playing netball. We all had a turn on the ball and I had fun catching and passing the ball. I like playing netball and I wish I could play netball everyday.

Rachael's Netball Coaching

I was so excited to go to netball I really enjoyed it and the coaches taught us some cool skills like bounce pass, shoulder pass, chest pass and overhead pass I had fun and I really wanted to go to netball because I haven’t been playing netball in ages. And I want to go again I like to play netball.