Monday, 6 August 2018

Death by plastic

Death by plastic


Animals all over the world like turtles , seals, sea lions, sea birds, whales and dolphins die from eating plastic every year . . They are dying because of us and that's a habit. Every minute a whole truck load of rubbish gets littered by us. It is important to stop littering and stop our sea creatures dying. They need help, tell a friend too. 

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Our Rangitoto trip

Why you should go to Rangitoto.

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On thursday it was a existing walk up the volcano and it was a great view around us on the summit. Also it was a 360 degree view of auckland and when you go to the lava caves you will see three caves and you can go in it but you will need a touch to see because it is really dark but there is a end where you can see and it is   very long so you have to be careful because you might get scratched by the rocks. It is also a pest free island but they put traps in it incase there is any animals there like possums,rats,mice and other animals and if you have holes in your bags then you have to give it to them and they have put it in another bag.