Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Tramping Tiritiri. A 2016 Manaiakalani Film Festival Entry.


lucky Glen Innes School said...

Can you delete the part at the end please

Megan S said...

Hello there,
I loved your movie about Tiri Tiri Island. I made a connection, I have been to Tiri Tiri Island myself. Looked like you had so much fun there.

Kind regards
Megan Stonefields school hub 9

Taylor W said...

Hi there

i really liked your video because it really stood out from the others.

Your Regards


solomone @ Glen Innes School said...

ya nice work (even do I was part of the kids)

william Glen Innes School said...


Michelle @glen Innes school said...

Thats a awesome work room 12

Bradley said...

Hello Room 12.

I really liked some of the pictures you took of Tiritiri Island. The pictures look very beautiful. How long was the walk around the island?

Trinity said...

Hello Room 12
I thought that watching your movie was amazing.I like that you use some words to explain what you did after your trip.While you were on your trip did you want to stay longer so explore more?

Lorenzo@GLEN Innes school said...

Kia orana Room 12
Your movie was awesome.

Havea @ Glen Innes school said...

Hello Room 12
I thought after watching your fantastic movie I wanted to go there I liked how you were enjoying it.While you where they did you want to stay longer because when we went to Rangitoto we want to stay how about you?

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